about us

At SWC, we are a team of energetic, adventurous and easy-going creatives. When working with us, you should expect ripped skinny jeans, lame jokes (we do our best) and watching us get stoked by our own content!

When it’s all said and done, we want to give you something to remind you of the look on your dad’s face when he saw you in your dress, of the crazy moves your mum busted out on the dancefloor after a few drinks - even though you might want to forget that part! Don’t let the moments of your wedding pass away with the day.

We understand that getting your photos taken for the first time can be super daunting and yeah, sometimes a bit awkward! At The Storytellers Collective we don't do rigid poses. We believe in the authentic, candid moments that give your photos meaning. No two couples are the same! We want to cater the experience to your specific desires and create something that tells your specific story. We're not just here to “get the photos done”, we want to capture you individually and as a couple - your personality, your quirks, anything that represents who you are..

General Questions

What is the booking process and what happens after booking?

What’s our vibe?

We’re all about the good times! Our style of shooting is unobtrusive and super candid – we want to capture the magical moments of your big day without getting in the way, which means no yoga poses or awkward positions! That being said, we know not everyone are models (like us) and being in front of a camera can be easier for some than others which is why we’re more than happy to lead the way when necessary, in other words – we got you!

Simply see what package interests you and get in touch so we can answer any questions you might have and help you lock us in for you big day! Once the show is on the road and you’re all booked in, one of our amazing project managers will reach out to get you started on the journey of preparing for your big day.

They’re there to help you with timing and planning and answer any questions you have before your big day. We’ll also send through a questionnaire and a run sheet form through 12-16 weeks before your big day – this provides us with everything we’ll need to capture your wedding. We’ll then shoot your wedding (yay!) and have the photos and films to you within 21-28 days.

How much is the deposit

We ask for a 35% non-refundable deposit as a retainer to secure the booking with the remaining 65% to be paid 14 days before the wedding date.

Where are you based?

What if we need to postpone?

We’re based in Campbelltown, NSW.

We understand that things don’t always go according to plan and are more than happy to postpone the date at no extra cost.

How big is the SWC team?

Are there any extra sneaky costs we might get surprised with?

Nope, we’ve designed our packages to be as all-inclusive as we possible which means no sneaky fees or GST charges.

What is the best way to contact us?

As we’re often out on a mountain somewhere and our admin don’t always work from the office the best way to reach us is by email. Unless, we’re having a hectic week – we’ll usually get back to you within 24-48 hours.

How do you capture audio throughout the wedding?

For the Nerds

Typically, we connect lapel mics to the groom and celebrant as well as recording directly from the celebrant’s PA system so we two sources of audio.

Do we watermark our photos?

Do we use drones?

Hell no!

We sure do! We use Mavic Pro 2s for all of our weddings.

Do we give out the RAW files?

Unfortunately, we don’t hand out the RAW files as a big part of our look and feel comes from our editing process.

What does the run of the day look like for us?

Wedding Planning FAQs

What are some tips for a fun wedding with banging photos?

We typically arrive at the Groom first and spend 45-60 mins capturing the good vibes. After that, we’ll head over to the Bride where’ll well spend another 60-90 mins. We’ll then head over to the ceremony location 45 mins before the ceremony begins so we can setup and capture shots of the venue before everyone arrives. Once the ceremony finishes, we’ll spend 15-25 mins getting friends and family photos and 60-90 mins for the photoshoot with the bridal party and the bride and groom following that we’ll need another 30 mins to setup and get shots of the reception location before the party begins!

1. Make sure the prep locations are clean before we arrive.

2. Pump the music – we seriously can’t recommend having music during the prep enough!

3. Work out the beginning of sunset and plan your day backwards from there – you seriously won’t get better shots than during golden hour.

4. Don’t jam pack your day! We’ve found that couples enjoy their day the most when the run sheet isn’t crammed with typically wedding day necessities. Plan the day around what is most important to you and leave plenty of time – this makes the day a breeze and gives us time to actually capture moments as they unfold instead of rushing around from A to B.

What time do we usually arrive?

We typically arrive once the groom and lads are ready to go. We prefer to have them almost ready as we arrive so we can get cracking straight away.